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Volunteer Mngm- 10 Low-Cost Ways to Show Appreciation for Church Volunteers
10 Low-Cost Ways to Show Appreciation for Church Volunteers
A strong, committed volunteer team is vital to any church. Volunteers arrive early and stay late. They’re the smiling faces on a rainy morning in the parking lot. They make coffee, check-in children, lead...
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Admin-Busting Church Administration Myths
Busting Church Administrator Myths
One way to thrive over the long-haul in ministry is to do more of what God gifted you to do and less of everything else. Many times, that means bringing people onto the team who can handle certain responsibilities...
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Security-Getting Started with Church Security
Getting Started with Church Security
Church security is a topic we’d all prefer was unnecessary to address. Unfortunately, an online search of security incidents occurring within churches pulls up quite a few examples. Thankfully, qualified...
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Volunteer Mngm- Why Volunteer Quits_
Why Volunteers Quit
Volunteering at church can be an incredible experience. It helps us connect with our church family, develop stronger relationships, and further our growth as disciples of Jesus. While there are many excellent...
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HR -5 Key Components of Church Job Descriptions
5 Key Components of Church Job Descriptions
Church job descriptions tend to fall into one of three categories. They’re excellent tools for clarifying expectations. They are outdated documents only used when looking for a new staff member....
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Finance -7 Tips Stewarding Church Finances_
7 Tips for Stewarding Church Finances
As people tithe and give, they’re trusting church leaders to use that money wisely. To maintain excellent stewardship of church finances, you need well-defined policies and internal controls in-place....
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Admin-How to Define the Executive Pastor Role
How to Define the Role of Executive Pastor
The role of Executive Pastor is gaining wider acceptance yet it’s still a somewhat misunderstood position within the church. If you’re reading this, then perhaps you’re thinking about...
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HR How to Lead More Efficient and Productive Meetings_
How to Lead More Efficient and Productive Meetings
One task that anyone in church operations deals with involves meetings. There are meetings for the entire staff, to coordinate details for an event, discuss a new project, and more. The challenge with...
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Admin-Church Operations Explained_ Why It_s Important_
Church Operations Explained. Why It's Important.
When we think of ministry, we tend to visualize a pastor preaching a sermon...not church operations tasks. Here are several examples of church operations activities.
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