Special Considerations for Outdoor Church Events

Many churches host events outdoors to take advantage of the beautiful weather and host events they couldn’t manage indoors.  Activities for VBS, outdoor concerts or worship nights, and Fall Trunk-or-Treats are just a few examples.  If you’re planning any outdoor church events, here are a few things you should consider to make them a fun and safe experience for everyone involved:

#1 – Offer shade and cold water

People can quickly get overheated in the summer heat. Depending on the event, it might make sense to set up tents and other shaded areas so attendees can escape the sun for a few moments as needed. Also, make sure participants have access to cold water so they can stay hydrated and cool.

#2 – Develop an inclement weather plan

Since weather forecasts aren’t always accurate, you’ll need to decide now how to proceed with the event if the weather isn’t favorable. If your church has an indoor gym or other large open room, that could be an ideal backup location for this event. Another issue to consider is if a storm occurs after the event has already started outside. Who will monitor the forecast? Who makes the call to have everyone move indoors? Where will you have people take shelter if there’s a dangerous storm approaching? 

#3 – Provide security

Anytime you get a large crowd together, it’s wise to consider the potential security risks and plan accordingly. If your church already has a security team, they need to be a part of the planning process for this event. Determine how many security team members you’ll need for the event, including whether you’ll hire any off-duty police officers. Also, consider if you want to have an ambulance stationed on church property just in case someone has an emergency. Contact your local first responders to see what they can do. 

#4 – Give parents additional information

Notify parents ahead of time if event activities could result in wet or dirty clothes. They may want to send their children in older outfits and provide a change of clothes as well. Parents will appreciate knowing this beforehand, so they aren’t unpleasantly surprised when they arrive to pick up their kids.

#5 – Look into special event insurance

Contact your church’s liability insurance provider to determine if your existing policy covers special events. Some insurance companies may require you to buy a special policy for larger events. Check into this at least a month before the event to make sure you’re covered.

Outdoor events can be a great way to bring your church family together and attract people from the community to engage with your congregation. With a bit of careful planning, you can create a safe and fun event.

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