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Proj Mngmnt -How to Get Started wuth Church Project Management_
How to Get Started with Church Project Management
From sermon preparation to coordinating volunteers and training small group leaders (and more), there’s a lot that goes into leading a church.  One way to keep all these efforts running smoothly is...
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HR -Church Salary Resources to Help You Make Important Payroll Decisions
Church Salary Resources to Help You Make Important Payroll Decisions
When it comes to deciding church staff salaries, money matters. Whether you’re in the middle of annual budgeting, preparing to hire a new employee, or reviewing current staff pay rates, there are church...
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Volunteer Mngm- 5 Keys to Improving Volunteer Comminication
5 Keys to Improving Volunteer Communication
Wondering why your volunteers aren’t quite doing what you need them to do?  Do they arrive late or unprepared?  Are you experiencing high turnover as volunteers quit? The issue may not be a lack...
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CMS- Project Management Software for Churches_ How to Choose the Best One_
Project Management Software for Churches: How to Choose the Best One
Many church leaders see the potential value in using project management software for their teams. Popular tools include Asana, Basecamp, ClickUp, and others. However, there’s often a level of disappointment...
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Volunteer Mngm- Top 5 Volunteer Scheduling Tools_
Top 5 Volunteer Scheduling Tools
In any church, volunteers handle a wide variety of tasks to keep services running smoothly. Keeping track of these volunteers for weekly church services, fundraisers, and other special events can feel...
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background check providers
5 Best Background Check Providers for Church Volunteers
As church leaders, you want to create a safe environment for those who attend your church. Thankfully, there are several background check providers who can help you with this important task. Conducting...
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HR -What Causes Ministry Burnout_
What Causes Ministry Burnout?
We tend to think ministry life will consist of serving God faithfully, seeing people come to Christ, and stewarding a growing church. Unfortunately, serving on staff at a church can often become stressful,...
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HR -How to Support a Growing Church_
How to Support a Growing Church
Jesus admonished us to listen carefully to His words and obey His teaching to withstand life’s storms. We typically think of storms as situations such as an illness, financial difficulties, strained relationships,...
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Admin-5 Church Administration Time-Saving Tools
5 Church Administration Time-Saving Tools
Time. It’s the most precious commodity yet the one we have the least of. That’s why saving time is a constant goal for church leaders with busy schedules. One way to save time is by streamlining church...
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IT -Church Website Design Tips
Church Website Design Tips
Your church website is the first impression you’ll have on most people. Whether they’re new to the community and looking for a new church home or they’re curious about Christianity, people...
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