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Admin-7 Church Metrics You Need to Review Regularly
7 Church Metrics You Need to Review Regularly
Have you ever noticed a warning indicator light up on your car dashboard? Whether it’s the indicator for tire pressure or to check the engine, you know that means it’s time to give your vehicle some attention....
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Volunteer -How to Fire a Volunteer
How to Fire a Volunteer
One question I frequently receive when talking about recruiting and retaining church volunteers is what to do about a volunteer who isn’t working out. In other words, how do I “fire” a volunteer? ...
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Volunteer -6 Tips to Build a Strong Team
6 Tips to Build a Strong Team
Leading a team can be extremely rewarding or frustrating (sometimes a bit of both). From personality conflicts, communication misfires, and different (and often very strong) opinions, getting a group...
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Insurance- How to Initiate a Practical Risk Management Strategy for Your Church
How to Initiate a Practical Risk Management Strategy for Your Church
We’ve all heard about or read the news stories of congregations who’ve dealt with the aftermath of a risk that came to pass. These incidents, whether natural or man-made disasters, can significantly damage...
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IT -Quick Tips for Avoiding a Social Media Crisis
Quick Tips for Avoiding a Social Media PR Crisis
Not all publicity is good publicity – contrary to the popular saying. If something your church does, or something a church leader says or posts becomes newsworthy, you could have a serious reputation and...
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team productivity
8 Ways to Increase Team Productivity
One of the challenges in ministry is that there’s always more work to do – and it’s unlikely that you can hire a small army anytime soon.  So, to assist you in dealing with that challenge, here are...
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Planning for Christmas
How to Start Planning for Christmas: A Complete Guide
The Christmas season is many things: joyous, hopeful, magical, peaceful, and full of charitable giving. It’s also an extremely busy time for churches. As holiday events typically ramp up in the weeks before...
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HR -How to Best Serve Someone Who is Mad at the Church_
How to Best Serve Someone Who is Mad at the Church
If you’ve ever received a call or email from someone who is mad at the church, you know how challenging those conversations can be for both sides. Since people tend to be quite sensitive about money...
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church facility management
The Church Facility Management Conference You Can't Miss
Keeping the church buildings and grounds clean, safe, and well-maintained isn’t easy. It’s also one of those roles that doesn’t get much attention unless something goes wrong. How many “comments” would...
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Facility Mngmt- How to Prepare for a Natural Disaster
How to Prepare for a Natural Disaster
Growing up in Oklahoma, AKA “Tornado Alley,” I’ve seen the horrible impact that natural disasters can have on a community. Tornados can destroy homes and businesses within seconds. Wildfires,...
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