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HR -How to Improve Communication Between Departments_
How to Improve Communication Between Departments
Have you ever been frustrated with another department at your church? Wondered why they just don’t “get it”? It’s possible they feel the same way about you. If you’ve ever heard of “departmental...
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Security-5 Ways to Prevent Child Abuse in the Church
5 Ways to Prevent Child Abuse in the Church
As a church leader, you want children and their parents, to feel safe at church.  This includes supporting parents as they work to “train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he...
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Volunteer Mngm- What Makes People Hesitant to Volunteer at Church__
What Makes People Hesitant to Volunteer at Church?
You need volunteers. You need them in the nursery, greeting at entrances, checking in children, making coffee, running sound, and much more. If you’re running short on volunteers, consider how you’re...
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Finance -How to Budget for Church Events in 3 Easy Steps
How to Budget for Church Events in 3 Easy Steps
Part of your responsibilities as a church leader is to be an excellent steward of church finances. Events tend to be a significant portion of church ministry. Therefore, it makes sense to budget for church...
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Facility Mngmt- How to Create a Church Event Request Form_
How to Create a Church Event Request Form
Are you responsible for planning events at your church? If so, there are several pieces of information you’ll need before getting started. Setting up several meetings to obtain those details can be time-consuming....
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Volunteer Mngm- 2 Keys to Retaining Church Volunteers_
2 Keys to Retaining Church Volunteers
The challenge with recruiting volunteers is it’s not always sticky, meaning just because you’ve signed up several new volunteers doesn’t mean they’ll stick around. After learning a few lessons the hard...
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Volunteer Mngm- How to Get Feedback that Will Help You Retain Volunteers_
How to Get Feedback that will Help You Retain Volunteers
For most churches, recruiting volunteers is crucial to the success of your mission. Though a lot of effort goes into this recruitment process, it’s not always enough to keep those volunteers helping long...
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CMS- Top 5 Event Registration Tools_
Top 5 Event Registration Tools
When it comes to planning church events, gone are the days of handwritten signup sheets and manually entering attendees into spreadsheets. With the use of online forms, you can now refocus your church’s...
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Proj Mngmnt -4 Tips to Reduce Last-Minute Planning_
4 Tips to Reduce Last-Minute Planning
“I have an idea…”.  These are words most planners prefer not to hear. After all, they’d prefer to reduce last-minute planning. In the context of the church, a close second would be, “Hey, let’s...
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Event Planning -5 Steps to Planning Church Events a Year Ahead_
5 Steps to Planning Church Events a Year Ahead
There’s no denying it, church events can be incredible ministry tools. Unfortunately, they can also drain your budget and burnout your staff. It is possible, however, to get all the benefits of hosting...
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