Top 5 Event Registration Tools

When it comes to planning church events, gone are the days of handwritten signup sheets and manually entering attendees into spreadsheets. With the use of online forms, you can now refocus your church’s attention to creating an impactful event for guests. If you’re gearing up for your next planning session, first check out these top five event registration tools to use for your church events.

1. Eventbrite

Arguably one of the more well-known online event registration sites, nearly 800,000 event organizers used Eventbrite in 2018 alone. Some of its main features include professional event registration pages that are compatible on any device; organizer-friendly capabilities to collect registration information and email attendees registration summaries; and easy setup for different tiers of registration and discounts. Eventbrite also has a Facebook Integration function. This has proven to double registrations for free events and increase sales by 20 percent for paid events.


There are Essential, Professional, and Premium packages with varying functions depending on need. You can also try Eventbrite’s service for free before committing.

2. Planning Center

Church events often require gathering several details about attendees and their needs at the event. Planning Center offers customizable options that allow you to create attendee types with their own pricing or special requirements. Using Planning Center as your church event signup also allows you to give attendees the option to purchase extras like T-Shirts, workbooks, or other special event accessories. There’s even a Church Center mobile app that congregations “can use to check in their families, give, join groups, manage their personal profile, and register for events.”


Planning Center is priced based on the number of attendees you’ll expect to register. Though there is a 30-day free trial, packages range from $14 to $199 per month.

3. Google Forms

A survey administrative app, Google Forms has all the same collaboration capabilities as its other G-Suite siblings. It also has event registration options that allow you to collect email addresses, create polls and pop quizzes, and store all your survey data neatly in its app or viewable in Sheets. Just like the other G-Suite programs, Google Forms is free to Gmail users and allows other team members to add content in real-time.



4. Events was designed specifically with churches in mind. From simple registration forms to user-friendly online payments, Events has everything you need for every type of event. Like other tools on our list, this online church event registration site has customizable features for age, merchandise, and multiple ticket types.

Price: has four plan options that range from $0, with no credit card required, to $99/month. Check out its pricing page to learn more about each option.

5. Your Church Management System (ChMS)

Most church management software systems include the capability to create online forms for event registration (including processing payments). Check with the staff member who manages the ChMS for your church to see if it includes online event registration functionality.


This will likely be free since you’re already paying for church management software.

With one of these tools in your repertoire, setting up registrations for your next church event should be easier than ever.

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