Should Your Church Have a Security Team?

While most of us feel safe when we pull into the church parking lot on Sunday morning, safety isn’t something we should take for granted. Unfortunately, churches aren’t immune from harm. Child abductions, abuse, active shooters, theft, and medical emergencies are a few examples of what can happen within church walls. Thankfully, the news isn’t all bad. There are individuals and organizations rising up to share practical ways that church leaders can reduce the likelihood of something bad happening. Oftentimes, this occurs through the development of a church safety and security team.

One group seeking to serve in this capacity is The Church Safety Guys. This non-profit organization leverages decades of experience to serve the church from a safety and security perspective. They offer a variety of resources through books, a weekly broadcast, The Church Security App, and even a Church Safety & Security program in partnership with Centurion Bible College.

Safety & Security as Ministry

In his book, “The Case for Church Safety & Security,” Church Safety Guys Executive Director James McGarvey presents a case for why having a safety and security team is biblical and how to get started with such a ministry. Note that James calls the safety and security initiative a ministry. That distinction represents his recommended approach to initiating, developing, and maintaining such a team. He provides numerous citations from Scripture to support the stance that this is part of the church’s overall ministry and that leaders should strive to protect their congregation.

Additionally, James advocates for what sometimes are opposite viewpoints. Some pastors hesitate to create such a team. They think it represents a lack of faith, use of resources that are needed elsewhere, or as something that’s not necessary. On the other hand, a church member who’s passionate about having a safety and security team might push too hard on the issue or be too rigid in approach, This can quickly alienate the pastor. James provides both parties with wise counsel on how to approach this issue in a manner that respects the authority, leadership, and expertise of everyone involved.

Where to Begin

Additional resources The Church Safety Guys offer include an eBook for church plants, a 10-step workbook to help churches establish their safety and security ministry, and more. These resources are practical tools to assist leaders in their desire to protect their congregations through a robust safety and security ministry.

If your church wants to create or enhance a safety and security ministry, The Church Safety Guys organization is a great resource to consider.   

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