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This template is designed for use to simplified budget process for maximum efficiency.

A formula for every line item

No need to worry about balancing your budget — our formulas will do all the work for you.

Save time and money

Using a spreadsheet is time-consuming and requires some level of expertise. Our template does all the heavy lifting for you, saving you hours of time and hundreds of dollars.

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Simplified Church Budget Template (Annual) is a unique, easy-to-use budget template that's designed to save you time and money .

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    With Simplified Church Budget, you'll have a simple budget that's easy to maintain. There's no need for manual calculations and tracking - everything is automated! And the best part - you get to be in control of what goes into the budget, so it can reflect your unique ministry!

    We understand the struggle, and that's why we've simplified the process. This spreadsheet-driven template will take care of all your budgeting needs.