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Why Us?

The Church Operations Toolkit can help you get there…

here’s how:

1. Learn from Seasoned Professionals

Access interviews and get the latest tips from experts who’ve worked in and for churches for decades. These are folks who love the church and have “been there, done that.”

2. Save Time with Templates & Sample Documents 

Need to write a procedure for counting the offering or a volunteer policy? Get a sample you can quickly customize for your church’s needs.

3. Quickly Learn How to Handle the Latest Challenge

Not sure how to find the right ChMS for your church or what steps to take to protect church finances? Watch a tutorial or read a how-to document that walks you through the process.

Simplify your church’s operation

  • Solves Church Operational Challenges
  • Streamline your church’s finances and administration.
  • Enhance security measures for your congregation.
  • Utilize church management systems for efficient operations.
  • Optimize information technology for seamless communication.
  • Improve project management for successful church initiatives.
  • Facilitate event planning for meaningful gatherings.
  • Manage volunteers effectively for community involvement.
  • Support your human resources department for staff coordination.

Solve your Church Operations challenges in:

Church Management Software

Get tips on how to best utilize the software you have OR help selecting the right ChMS tool for your church.agement Software


Gain vital information on how to protect and steward church finances.

Human Resources

From employee handbooks to tips on hiring freelancers for special projects, you’ll find it here.

Facility Management

Maintaining a church facility is much more complex than most people realize. Gain insights on how to best steward this critical resource.

Information Technology

From deciding whether to create an internal network or leverage cloud computing and more…get your IT questions answered.


Whether you’re wondering what liability coverage you need for the church or if you need a special policy for an upcoming event, we’ll share the latest tips here.

Project Management

There are hundreds of tasks to manage each week. From Sunday service prep to special events and more, you need a process to manage them all.


Unfortunately, bad guys don’t consider churches to be “off limits.” Learn how to effectively protect people and facilities.

Volunteer Management

Learn how to cultivate a serving culture, screen and train volunteers, then retain and develop volunteer leaders.

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  • Volunteer Management Toolkit (ebook)
  • Volunteer Survey Questions 
  • Volunteer Job Descriptions 
  • Volunteer Org Chart 
  • Volunteer Needs Assessment 
  • Church Event Planning Toolkit (ebook)
  • Event Planning Questionnaire 
  • Tame Your Church Calendar Checklist 
  • How to Choose the Best ChMS for Your Church
  • Project Management Quick Start Guide 
  • Project Plan Template  
  • Project Manager Job Description 
  • Project Dashboard Template 
  • Project Team Kickoff Meeting Agenda 
  • Lessons Learned Meeting Template 
  • Church Leadership Job Descriptions 
  • Task Documentation Template 
  • Easter Planning Checklist 
  • …and much more!

We continue to add tutorials, templates, how-to’s, expert interviews, plus sample policies and procedures each month. AND…If you need something we haven’t published yet, let us know and we’ll get to work.

Fall 2020 Planning Checklist COVID-19 Edition

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the Church Operation Toolkit?

A: The Church Operation Toolkit is a comprehensive resource that provides practical tips, insights, and tools to effectively operate a church, covering areas such as finances, administration, security, church management systems, information technology, project management, event planning, volunteer management, and human resources.

Q: How can this toolkit benefit my church?

A: The Church Operation Toolkit offers guidance and strategies to streamline your church’s operations, improve financial management, enhance security measures, leverage technology effectively, plan and execute successful projects and events, manage volunteers, and support your human resources department.

Q: Is the Church Operation Toolkit suitable for small churches?

A: Yes, the Church Operation Toolkit is designed to cater to churches of all sizes. Whether you have a small group or a large-scale church, the toolkit provides practical insights and tips that can be tailored to your specific needs.

Q: Who Should Use This Product

This product is designed for pastors, church administrators, volunteer coordinators, and anyone involved in managing the operations of a church. Whether you are leading a small group or overseeing a large-scale church, the Church Operation Toolkit provides practical tips and insights for effective church management.


What Our Client’s About Us

“I actually just printed the facility check up and shared at staff meeting today. We are having a lot of discussions about “who’s responsible for that” with our new pastor and this was very helpful to say, let’s delegate these things and let several people share the load.”

Carole B.  

Church Administrator

“We have not been fantastic on the HR front lines at our church, so we were really able to get some help from the Employee Handbook and the Job Descriptions to help get us started in the right direction. Ours were both very outdated, so we were able to use what you had to start updating and tweaking it for our needs. They were both very helpful!”

Stacie W.

Executive Operations Director

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30 Days Money Back Guarantee

30 Days Money Back Guarantee

If you aren’t completely satisfied with The Church Operations Toolkit, you can get a full refund anytime within 30 days after your purchase. Just get in touch with our friendly support team and they’ll either help you out until you get the results you need or give you a swift refund. 

Still not sure? Consider this…

You could spend 2-3 hours (minimum) searching online for a template or how-to guide. Even if you find something that might work, you still have hours of work left to customize it for your church or follow the instructions. 

Unless you’re working as a volunteer in this role, each hour equates to dollars the church spends for a salary. 

Take 10-20 hours a month and multiply that by, say, $15/hour (and that’s on the low end). That’s easily $150-$300 per month which could have been spent on more productive work.

At $27 per month, The Church Operations Toolkit pays for itself if it just saves 2 hours per month (and I’m confident it’ll save you more time than that!). 

Instead, you can focus on:

  • Dreaming with your senior pastor about the next five years of the church
  • Preventing issues from popping up in the first place (put down your “firefighting” gear for good!)
  • Getting home in-time to have dinner with your family
  • Participating in a small group on a consistent basis

With a 30-day money back guarantee and the potential for significant time savings, there’s no risk…and SO much to gain. 

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