The Church Operations Toolkit: First 90 Days



The first few months as a new Executive Pastor, Operations Director, or Church Business Administrator can feel like trying to drink water from a firehose. If you’re the first person to hold this position at your church, that only adds to the overwhelming nature of the job.

To help you get off to a great start, I’ve created a package of How-To Guides, Templates, Courses, and Videos to equip you in your first 90 days. This package covers a wide range of Church Operations topics including:

  • Administration
  • Event Planning
  • Facility Management
  • Finances
  • Human Resources
  • Information Technology
  • Insurance
  • Project Management
  • Security
  • Volunteer Management

In addition to over 70 Guides and Templates, you’ll also receive the following:

  • First 90 Days Checklist
  • The Church Event Planning Toolkit eBook
  • Protect the Vision: A Practical Guide to Church Risk Management eBook
  • The Volunteer Management Toolkit: Church Edition eBook
  • The Church Event Planning Video Course
  • Introduction to Church Project Management Video Course

Give yourself the gift of a smoother, less stressful, and more impactful start (or continuation) of your time as a church operations leader.

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