2023 Year-End Road Map

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This one-time purchase will provide you with 16+ weeks of actionable emails packed with valuable insights, strategies, templates, and expert guidance, tailored specifically to helping church leaders like you end the year strong.

Each email will provide the “what, why & how” of tasks organized over 16 weeks to maximize the opportunities you have during the last quarter of 2023. See the description below for more details.

Introducing the 2023 Year-End Road Map

Though the resources are delivered by email, this is more than your usual spam! By the end of these 16 weeks, you should have gained new ideas, inspiration and knowledge in areas like:

  • How to write a church budget: where to start, income projections, and leading your staff through the process.
  • How to communicate about year-end giving: We’ll give you examples to use for communicating with your donors and other members/attendees. We’ll also talk about when to communicate.
  • How to create an annual report: Use this to celebrate what has happened in your church over the last year. Examples included!
  • Compliance issues in the new year: We’ll walk you through making sure your payroll and other tax compliance issues are ready for a new year.
  • Following up with holiday visitors: Don’t waste the opportunity to nurture your relationship with guests from your services. We’ll discuss strategies to follow-up with new visitors and build a relationship to bring them back.
  • Recruiting volunteers for the holidays: Plan ahead to recruit volunteers to make your holiday services unforgettable.

The 2023 Year-End  Road Map is guaranteed to help you end the year strong and help you develop professionally in your role. By subscribing to this plan, you will get:

  • 16 resource-packed emails
  •  Best practice tips on a variety of topics compiled from years of experience
  • At least 3 templates to use in your finance department (more bonuses may come your way!)
  •  The 2023 Year-End Road Map checklist
  •  Swipe files for mass emails and giving communications
  • Templates & examples for annual reports
  • And more!


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