My name is Deborah Ike and I'm the Founder of The Church Operations Toolkit. With a heart for ministry and a head for business, I'm passionate about helping church staff navigate the maze of behind-the-scenes projects that support more visible ministry efforts. 

The people who aren't often noticed on Sunday mornings (unless something goes wrong...) are those who recorded the offering, scheduled HVAC maintenance, coordinated volunteers, or updated the church website. Those are the individuals we strive to serve through the Church Operations Toolkit. 

My experience includes crunching numbers in the Finance department of a ministry, working at an international consulting firm, and doing project management and risk management for a Fortune 500 company. I've led various teams while managing tight deadlines, juggled conflicting priorities, faced tight budgets, and dealt with a lack of resources. Sound familiar?

In addition to the Church Operations Toolkit, I'm the author of The Church Event Planning Toolkit, Protect the Vision: A Practical Guide to Church Risk Management, and The Volunteer Management Toolkit (Church Edition). I've contributed articles at XPastor, Ministry Team magazine, The Church Network, ChurchTechToday, and ChurchLeaders. I also lead a Facebook Group of over 5,000 church operations leaders (and counting). 

On a more personal note...

My motivation is seeing leaders thriving with a healthy church and a healthy life. Ministry is challenging...that won't change. However, I'm convinced it's possible to serve at a growing church without burning out yourself, your staff, or your volunteers. It's my mission to help you make that a reality.  

As far as my background goes, well, I'm originally from Oklahoma but currently reside in Kansas. My husband and I married in 2014. We have two children and love the adventure of parenthood.